Plumbing Remodel

Plumbing Remodel – Facts

Plumbing remodels, especially fixture replacements or total room additions, provide a series of challenges unique to this type of project. Generally, those areas that utilize plumbing in homes are the most used and least convenient to have out of working order. When adding new fixtures that require plumbing, it is important to note that there are three main ways to accomplish this task:

New Installation plumbing remodel

New installation is generally needed when a plumbing remodel project is going to take place across the house from existing plumbing fixtures. This will require that a new vent stack be installed and branch drain to the existing soil stack or the existing house drain by way of an existing cleanout. This is by far the most effective means of completing a plumbing remodel.

Plumbing Remodel/ Bathroom Remodel – Considerations

Before undertaking a plumbing remodel project, it is imperative to plan the details of the project. Having a clear cut plan of the plumbing remodel project will provide a detailed blue print of the things that are going to be accomplished. Some questions to consider:

Will you be able to live in the home during construction?

Is this project working with existing fixtures and spaces or expanded/adding on?How much demolition will have to be done before work can begin?

Are major plumbing fixtures going to be replaced, relocated or both?

Will the project require another water heater?

What is required for city permitting?

In most cases, having an experienced plumber assisting with these plans will minimize unexpected delays and expenses. They can provide insights into whether a project will be an easy modification or require significant expense and time.

Plumbing Remodel/Bathroom Remodel – Budgets and Timelines

Knowing what to expect is half the battle of performing a plumbing remodel project. Two areas that are most important and often under-estimated are the project budget and timeline. To eliminate any unwanted surprises, it is generally best to consult with a professional plumber before starting a plumbing remodel project. Their expertise can save thousands of dollars and many hours off your project.


When budgeting for a plumbing remodel, it is best to plan on an overage of at least 20% for unexpected expenses, incidentals and emergencies. A professional will often take these into account when providing a bid for the project. Generally speaking, it is often less expensive to have the work performed by a professional because they have the tools, supplies and experience to minimize the unexpected.


When working with a professional plumber on a plumbing remodel project, they will be able to give a realistic completion date for the project. This can help to minimize the inconveniences that these types of projects generally cause a family.

Hiring a Plumbing Expert

Plumbing remodel projects can add value to your home and functionality to frequently used rooms. Casa Mechanical’s plumbing professionals are here to take the worry and hassle out of your plumbing remodel projects. We are dedicated to saving you money and protecting your greatest investment. When you’re looking for a professional to assist with your plumbing remodel project, contact Casa Mechanical.