High Efficiency HVAC Units

Casa Mechanical Shows Austin Residents how to save some Green with a High-Efficiency HVAC unit.

With rising heating costs and overall household expenses, more Austin residents are looking for ways to go green with their HVAC units. High efficiency furnaces maintain your home’s comfort level while lowering your household energy consumption. With a two-stage high efficiency HVAC unit, variable speed technology enhances the performance of the system to optimize heat output. This is done by maximizing fuel consumption and airflow throughout your home. These systems also switch automatically between gas and electric power for your heating needs. The most advantageous part of a two stage high-efficiency HVAC unit is the consistency.

A two stage HVAC unit is designed to maintain your home’s set temperature. These systems will operate at lesser capacity when your home is close to the pre-set temperature. And while the system will come on more frequently, it is not operating at full capacity each time. As a result, you’ll save money by lowering your home’s energy consumption. If, however, your home needs additional heating or cooling because it is much hotter or colder than your thermostat’s designated temperature, the system will operate at 100% to quickly achieve your desired temperature.

The overall result of a two-stage high efficiency HVAC unit is a more consistent and comfortable home. Your system will operate at the most efficient output (either 60% or 100%) based on your thermostat setting and home’s actual interior temperature. As a result, a high efficiency furnace will decrease your operating costs and carbon footprint while increasing your comfort level. Austin has drastic weather changes throughout the year. Don’t get stuck in an uncomfortable house. At Casa Mechanical, your comfort is our business. Contact us today to discuss your heating needs.

  • Two stage high efficiency AC and heat pump equipment means lower operating costs and more comfort. This equipment reduces energy consumption by having the ability to run at 60% instead of 100% when needed.
  • High efficiency furnaces means lower operating costs by maximizing fuel consumption.
  • Variable speed technology enhances system performance and comfort by maximizing airflow throughout your home
  • Dual fuel technology lowers operating costs by automatically switching between gas and electric power for your heating needs