High Efficiency Hot Water Heaters

High Efficiency Hot Water Heaters – Budget Friendly and Eco-Conscious

When it comes to hot water, anyone who has ever run out in the middle of a shower can tell you that supply is the most important issue. Though we all may want an unlimited supply of hot water, what we don’t want is to bankrupt the budget or to compromise the environment to get it. Fortunately, there is an answer to this dilemma – a modern high efficiency hot water heater.

According to the experts, the cost of heating water is nearly 15% of your utility bill. It makes sense, then, to find the most energy and cost efficient method to accomplish that task. With the development of high efficiency hot water heaters, we have, in fact, “re-invented the wheel” where heating water is concerned. Depending upon your choice of system, a high efficiency hot water heater will use from 10 to 60% less energy than standard models. A bit of virtual comparison shopping will help you decide which style is right for you.

Presenting the Dynamic Duo of High Efficiency Hot Water Heaters

High efficiency water heaters are available in several models. Choosing the right one for you will depend upon a number of factors. Average peak hot water usage, the energy efficiency factor (EF) of the unit, and the power source used to heat the water all play a major role in the operating cost of the unit.

Understanding the technology of modern high efficiency hot water heaters will make your decision easier. Storage Tank Hot Water Heaters consist of an insulated tank that uses heating elements to keep water hot and ready for use at all times. These units can be powered by electricity, natural or propane gas, or fuel oil, offer an energy savings of 10 to 20 % and have a functional life of 8 to 10 years. Readily available hot water and a low initial investment are advantages; disadvantages include continuous use of energy to keep the water hot and fluctuation in the cost of the power source. Demand Hot Water Heaters, also known as tankless hot water heaters, heat water as needed by circulating cold water through a large heating coil. Gas and electric units are available. Both offer energy savings of 45 to 60% and a functional life of 20 years. These units provide an unlimited supply of hot water without the need for a cumbersome storage tank. One disadvantage is that the number of hot water fixtures able to be used at the same time is limited.

A Little High Efficiency Hot Water Heater Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Whatever style you choose, you can extend the life of your high efficiency hot water heater with regular maintenance. These simple steps are sure to keep you in hot water…in a good way.

· If you have a water storage tank, once or twice a year drain it until the water runs clear.

· Be sure the pressure relief valve is corrosion free.

· If your unit uses gas or oil, check the flue vent for damage, deterioration, or obstruction. If electric, remove and check heating elements. (Note: turn off the electric and drain the tank before checking the elements)

· Remove and inspect the anode rod and replace if necessary.

· Check the water temperature. It should be between 110 and 130 F degrees. Higher temperatures accelerate corrosion.

All of these are relatively easy to perform and a good do-it-yourself homeowner should be able to complete them. If you are not up to the job or you feel more comfortable having a professional inspect your system, Casa Mechanical is here to help.

With locations in Austin and San Antonio, Casa Mechanical has been serving the plumbing needs of Central Texas residents for over 10 years. In addition to plumbing installation, upgrades, and repair, we offer our Casa Shield Preventative Maintenance plans to keep your little plumbing problems from becoming big ones.

At Casa Mechanical, we believe that no job is complete until the customer is completely satisfied. Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of a high efficiency hot water heater.