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Essency Water Heaters – The newest technology on the market and the best solution for wanting a tankless water heater but not having gas. Electric water heater with a 20-year warranty and 30-year tank life. Produces 80 gallons of hot water within the first hour! Built-in wifi compatible for easy check-ins on how the unit is running, vacation mode, and turning off the unit completely while away. Built-in switch for if/when the power goes out (2021 freeze) with a built-in pump to pump out all water in the tank to prevent it from freezing and leaking.

Navien Tankless Water Heater – The best unit on the market for wanting to get rid of your old tank-style water heater and upgrade to never-ending hot water. Navien has a built-in recirc pump for faster hot water to the spout. Can tie onto existing gas and water lines, and can also run through existing vent pipe! No need for the roofer to come out and replace the vent!

  • 1-2.5 Bedroom Home – Navien 210a2
  • 3+ Bedroom Home – Navien 240a2

Northstar Water Softener – The newest wifi on a softener. Can hook it to your phone to watch water usage. Also has a built-in carbon filter to filter out any harsh chemicals used to clean the water coming from the city. Lower maintenance and high-efficiency technologies. NSF certified. Warranty of 5 years on the unit. The unit has auto-sense technologies to monitor water usage to determine the optimal regeneration and maximize water usage! Optional Northstar water shut-off valve allows h/o to shut off the water to the home via wifi after a leak has been detected. 1″ high flow hook-ups on softener valve for optimal water flow.

  • Has to have a water softener loop for water softener installation