Casa Preventative Maintenance Plan

SAVE money and protect your home with THE CASA SHIELD Preventative Maintenance Plan

  • Automatically contacted when service is due
  • Priority scheduling status on emergency repairs
  • Two precision inspections per year:
    One in the spring and one in the fall
  • 10% discount on parts and labor including after hours and holidays
  • Special price consideration given when major work is necessary
  • Agreement is transferable – (to new homeowner only)
  • Year round comfort and peace of mind

Heating & AC Service Agreement is $139 (covers the first AC unit and $79 for each additional unit)

  • Check all operating and safety controls
  • Lubricate all moving parts per mfg specs
  • Check sequence of operation
  • Check filter, change or clean (customer provided)
  • Check thermostat
  • Check proper voltage and amperage


  • Check operating pressure and refrigerant charge
  • Check temperature drop on cooling coil
  • Check condensate drain (primary and secondary)
  • Check condenser coil (non-chemical cleaning)
  • Check contactor points


  • Clean and adjust pilot
  • Check combustion, draft and flue
  • Check for proper ignition
  • Check relays
  • Check all wiring connections

Plumbing Service Agreement is $185 (includes servicing one water heater, $85 for each additional water heater)

  • Inspect water flow through all fixtures
  • Inspect drain piping under all fixtures
  • Inspect all commodes
  • Inspect all outside hose bibs
  • Inspect main sewer clean out
  • Inspect water heater for safety and proper operation
  • Inspect washing machine connections
  • Inspect gas line if applicable
  • Inspect garbage disposal
  • Flush water heater
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