Going Green Starts with the Thermostat

Going Green Starts with the Thermostat

How Utilizing New Energy-Efficient Thermostats Can Save You Hundreds

With a million things on your mind it’s unlikely that your thermostat is a top priority. However, the fact that your thermostat goes seemingly unnoticed may cost you hundreds of dollars annually.

For the majority of homeowners, the thermostat is set seasonally, or even monthly, as you continue to go about your business. However, this can often lead to you paying to heat a house that has no one in it. The reality is that people often forget to shut off the thermostat when leaving for work or school, and at times can even leave it on for days when going on vacation. You can see how much money can go to waste this way.

Fortunately, there are an increasing number of smart, energy-efficient thermostats. These new thermostats carry a number of features that will help make a significant difference in your monthly electric bill. Some come with the option to program and set your own schedule, while others automatically change themselves along with the season or time of day.

If you are far from tech savvy and have trouble programming your cable box, let alone your thermostat, you may be interested in the trendy new series of Nest thermostats. Nest thermostats are a bit like the smart phones of thermostats. They come with an “Auto-Away” feature, which learns when you are away and automatically turns itself down. Nest thermostats also can encourage you to make energy saving decisions with an adorable little leaf that appears every time you change the temperature to one that saves energy.

With the proper use of a new energy-efficient thermostat, such as a nest thermostat, you can save around $173 a year. A properly used home thermostat is critical considering they use as much energy as your computer, stereo, and TV combined. With new laws being set in place every day to fine excessive use on energy, every penny and every choice counts.

There is also an ethical side to switching to greener options. Our resources are diminishing at an astounding level. However, few people are making the conscious decision to lesson their carbon footprint. By using more energy-efficient products you are aiding in the development of a greener future, and helping those precious resources last just a bit longer!

For parents, using the thermostat is a simple way to teach your children to be mindful about the type of energy they use. Encouraging them to always see the little green leaf on your Nest thermostat, or simply allowing them to turn it off when it’s time to leave the house, will help your little one grow into an energy-savvy consumer.

If you’re ready to save money and help the planet you can start by calling Casa Mechanical Services. We have experience in all types of thermostat installations and can recommend the perfect fit for your family’s budget and lifestyle needs. There’s no need to waste another dollar on your monthly bill—we have everything you need to make a smarter choice.