Save on Heating Cost – 5 Tips to Winterizing Your Home

1. Seal ALL Voids – Cracks around doors and windows can waste up to 30% of your energy costs during the winter months. Use foam insulation or calking to fill all cracks that you feel a draft. Your neighborhood hardware store will stock all types of options to properly insulate your home. If you desire, have a professional heating company inspect your home for any voids and properly insulate them.

2. Service your Heater – The first place to start is by changing your furnace filter. Please do not open up the unit only the filter cover or return air vent. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional HVAC repair company man to inspect your furnace or electric heating unit. If the unit is not functioning properly you are not achieving the maximum efficiency from your heating unit.

3. Install a Programmable Thermostat – A programmable thermostat will remember to turn down the heat or turn up the heat whenever you want it to. With installation of a programmable thermostat the average household saves around $200 per year. When getting your heater or furnace serviced ask an AC service professional for details.

4. Inspect Ductwork – Up to 30% of heated air can be escaping out of voids in the ductwork from your heating system. Go into the attic with the unit on and follow each duct to feel for changes in temperature. If you feel hot air escaping, seal the voids with duct tape or foil tape. Tip: Use a credit card to wipe the tape flat so no air escapes.

5. Upgrade your Heating Unit – With technology ever-changing HVAC equipment has become more efficient with each product roll-out. An outdated system may still work but by investing in a higher efficient unit you can save up to 50% in operating costs. Research Federal Tax Credits that will reimburse you up to $1500 for installing an Energy-Star certified HVAC system.